Ortholox® UHMWPE Sternotomy Closure System

Ortholox® UHMWPE Sternotomy Closure System

The Ortholox® UHMWPE Sternotomy Closure System provides a fast and reliable solution for closing the sternum after open heart surgery or lobectomy.  The Ortholox® UHMWPE Sternal Cerclage Band System is a band system woven from UHMWPE fibres that is quickly and easily applied with simple instrumentation and secures the sternum in a transverse, Figure-U and/or 8 shape with a patented locking block. This dynamic compression procedure allows for controlled expansion of the rib cage, providing secure stability. After surgery, it acts as a shock absorber by absorbing the loads caused by the patient's sneezing, coughing or daily movements. When emergency intervention is required, it can be easily removed with a scalpel on the operating table without the need for sterile wire cutting scissors or plate removal tools.

Ortholox® UHMWPE Sternotomy Closure System is manufactured from Medical Degree Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene material.

For Ortholox® UHMWPE Sternotomy Closure System, very thin fibers are woven in the form of bands with a width of 5 mm to form a multifilament material. Sharp and blunt tip atraumatic needle options are available.

  • By means of its wide cross section, it eliminates single-point stress.
  • Pressure on bone tissue is distributed and thus decreased thanks to the wide surface of the band.
  • By means of its wide surface, it is more reliable in osteoporotic bones when compared to sternal cables or cerclage wires.
  • Three bands, each with a single winding, were measured to have a load carrying capacity of 2647 N. (Approx. 270Kg)
  • The highest load calculated during a cough is 800-1000N and the bands have more than enough resistance to meet this load.
  • It ensures less complications and faster recovery.
  • It does not lead to metal debris that scatter within the body and are caused by metal cables.
  • It does not cause tissue damage as the metal wires during and after surgery.
  • It minimizes metal corrosion in bone structure.
  • Since there are no metal cables contacting metal implants, it eliminates the risk of galvanic reaction of incompatible metals.
  • The hospital does not need to store cables and wires of various materials (stainless steel, titanium, cobalt chrome etc.).
Ortholox® UHMWPE Sternotomy Closure System is highly flexible, it can be manipulated easily.
  • It does not lead to complications resulting from tearing and breakage since it has a higher elastic modulus when compared to sternal cables and wires.
  • Its flexible structure ensures long-term dynamic compression on both halves of the sternum.
  • It offers the opportunity for faster recovery and more structural resistance.
  • It has a high load carrying capacity.
  • Since the bands are manufactured from UHMWPE material, they are radiolucent and thus, the healing process for of the sternum can be followed-up more easily in the post-operational x-ray.

In Ortholox® UHMWPE Sternotomy Closure System, thanks to the patented torque applicable tensioner, it is ensured that the two halves of the sternum are brought closer easily at the appropriate tension. It provides a simple, effective and easy-to-use surgery with only 3 instruments.

In Ortholox® UHMWPE Sternotomy Closure System, a patented locking block that is manufactured from highly biocompatible (TI-6AL-4V-ELI) alloy and with a low profile is available.

  • It is MRI compatible.
  • Once the locking block is fixed by screwing with a Torque Limiting Screwdriver, it does not loosen or unlock by itself. 
  • During the procedure, in order to re-apply tension, loosening the screw of the locking block is enough. Thus, OR time is shortened.
  • The binding figure preferred by the surgeon can be applied (8-shaped, U-shaped, transverse etc.).

In Ortholox® UHMWPE Sternotomy Closure System, the bands with a width of 5 mm are available in the following lengths as pre-assembled with the low profile locking block and stainless steel sharp or blunt needle, in ready-to use sterile packs:

  • 450mm
  • 500mm
  • 550mm


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